About the School

The School of Energy Healing and Intuition Development was founded by Energy Healer Rackie, who has been teaching the sacred skill of Energy Healing since 2015.  The school continues to grow with more certification classes, workshops, online classes, and a growing community for those seeking to learn how to heal themselves, and those who are being called to share their healing gifts with others.


  • Empower students with the knowledge and wisdom to become their own healers, and ultimately their biggest teachers.

  • Create the environment for students to experience healing as they learn how to heal.

  • Teach in a way that students can experience the concepts taught, instead of enforcing students to adapt, trust, or change their beliefs 

    • Students are encouraged to practice the lessons learned so that they can, for themselves, see, hear, taste, feel, smell, know, and fully experience energy, spirit, and all concepts taught in class​.

    • Every student experiences energy and the lessons learned.

  • Create a safe space, and a sense of community for those looking to grow spiritually.

School of Energy Healing and Intuitive Development


Energy Healer Rackie

Founder and Instructor

Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher 

Rackie believes that energy healing is a gift we all have; it is natural, and our own personal birth right.  She believes energy healing should not be branded, limited, or restricted by rules.  And believes that each person should practice energy healing following their own intuition, and using their natural skills as best as possible.   This is the approach she uses in her private healing sessions, and when teaching students how to perform energy healings.

Rackie's purpose is to share with others the energy that flows through her, and share her knowledge and understanding of energy and spirit, to direct her clients and students to live life to the fullest and fulfill their life purpose.

Energy Healer Rackie does private healing sessions, and hosts healing events.  

Visit her page at www.EnergyHealerRackie.com

Keila Oses


Certified Professional Hypnotist, Energy Healer, Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher

Keila uses a combination of hypnosis, energy healing, and coaching to assist her clients heal, make positive changes, live happier, be healthier, and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Her purpose and passion is to guide people to become inspired, motivated, empowered, live in the present, and love the life they live. She helps people make powerful shift, and transformations.

Keila does private healing sessions, and hosts healing events.  

Visit her page at www.KeilaOses.com