Level 1 - Healing The Self

Course Description:

  • Energy Healing - Learn how to perform energy healing safely and effectively on the self.  Learn how energy works, how to channel, harness, and direct it to manifest healing.

  • Chakra Energy System - Complete study of the Chakra Energy System, including:  What causes a chakra imbalance, and how to sense, align, and heal the chakras.  This will be a valuable tool you'll use your entire life.

  • Intuition – Enhance your intuition through the use of powerful techniques, with in-classroom practice for all of the clairs (Sense, see, hear, know, taste, and smell energy.)

  • Learn to connect to your Divine Guidance.

  • Auras - Intro to seeing and sensing auras.

  • Properly protect your energy - Learn how we give and receive energy, different types of psychic attacks, and how to cleanse, clear, and protect your energy.

  • Create and manifest through intention and vibration.

  • Understand the sacredness of how mind, emotions, body, and spirit affect each other and ultimately your life.

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Upcoming Online Live

Video Conference Class

Starts August 9th

Meeting For 14 Sundays 

@ 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Via Zoom

Meeting Dates:

Day 1:  Sunday, August 9th

Day 2:  Sunday, August 16th

Day 3:  Sunday, August 23rd

Day 4:  Sunday, August 30th

No class Sunday, Sept 6 (Labor Day weekend)

Day 5:  Sunday, September 13th

Day 6:  Sunday, September 20th

Day 7:  Sunday, September 27th

Day 8:  Sunday, October 4th

Day 9:  Sunday, October 11th

Day 10:  Sunday, October 18th

Day 11:  Sunday, October 25th

Day 12:  Sunday, November 1st

Day 13:  Sunday, November 8th

Day 14:  Sunday, November 15th

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Please Note:

Limited space available.  Reserve your spot!

Registration is non-refundable


Energy Healer Rackie

Learn How To Heal

Level 1 - Healing the Self

A Complete Healing Masterclass:


Learn how energy works

and how it affects every moment of your life.

Learn the language of energy through

an in depth study of the Chakra Energy System.


Develop your Intuition 

and begin to use it in everyday life.

Learn to safely and effectively

re-connect to your own Energy Healing powers.

Level 1 - Healing The Self is for:

  • Anyone seeking to take power in their own healing, or would like to learn an alternative method to complement their medical treatment.  If you're not feeling well, feel stuck, stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, lost, angry, depressed, if you're diagnosed with an illness, disease, panic attacks...  

  • Anyone looking to change their life, wanting to live life to the fullest, or seeking to deepen their spirituality.
  • Yogis wanting to deepen their practice.
  • Anyone seeking to maintain their body and life well balanced.
  • Beginners.  No previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate or beginner healing practitioners (of any modality) who feel need to further their skills, need more practice, or a better understanding of energy.
  • Anyone who feels called to become a professional healer.  (Level 1 is a prerequisite to Level 2 - Healing Others)


as you learn how energy works,

how your energy is affected by others and your environment,

and how to keep your energy balanced and healthy.  

Workbook included!

Workbook includes all information discussed in class, so that you can review, study, and use for future reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why is this course more complete than other courses?

A.  There is so much more to healing than hands-on energy healing.  

It’s true!  Energy Healing (all modalities of energy healing) are only a part of healing.  

I teach:  What is energy, what is sickness, why do we get sick, what to do when you get sick, what is keeping you sick, why and how energy healing works, different methods of alternative healing, how to intuitively connect to your mind, body, and spirit, how to sense, see, hear energy, vibration, and more.  All of this information is essential to keeping yourself balanced and it empowers you take control of your life.  Not only do you learn the what is and how to, but you will go through the exercise of realization that brings upon healing while taking this class.

Q. Does this class follow a religious system?

A.  Energy Healing is spiritual in nature, but it is non-denominational (not of any religion).  This class does not follow any religious system.  I welcome everyone from all religious backgrounds.   You are able to practice all the teachings while having your own personal belief system, and you will not be asked to change any of your beliefs.  The teachings are spiritual teachings, but I always encourage my clients and students to take my teachings and process them according to their own thought process.  You will eventually be developing your own techniques, using the skills and knowledge in a way that make sense to you.  

Q. Why not teach reiki?

A.  Reiki is one of many modalities of energy healing.  Different modalities of energy healing have been created by various people, following their techniques, their intuitions, channelings, and the methods they have developed.  

Understanding Reiki:

The modality of Reiki, created by a Japanese man, is distinguished from others for two main reasons:  

1.  An attunement ritual, which is performed on the students during the certification, where the student is forever connected to the Reiki Master Spirits.  These spirits serve as guidance whenever a reiki healing is performed.  

2.  The use of energetic symbols, which are invoked in order to perform the healings.

Understanding what I teach:

I teach energy healing, not any particular modality of energy healing.  

Energy Healing is a natural human ability.  We do not need any attunements, no one's permission, no one has to give us the power to perform them, nor are there any rules or techniques to abide to.  We already have all it takes to heal, we already have the power to heal, we simply need to discover and learn how we each function, and how we each personally heal.  You’ll develop your own techniques following your own intuition, following your belief systems, calling upon the spirits that you feel connected to, if you so wish.  In level 2, you will also learn and see for yourself that tools (like symbols, or even hands for that matter) are not necessary to perform an energy healing.  As a result of following your own intuition and discovering your own powers, you become an empowered healer who can manifest high vibrational energy healings.

Q. What if you don’t know the teacher?

A.  Learn more about Energy Healer Rackie HERE.  

Come get to know your teacher, see if you have a good connection, and experience for yourself how the healing energies feel:

* ​Attend one of Energy Healer Rackie's Energy Healing Circles.  To learn more about these group healing events, click HERE.

* Schedule a private energy healing session with Energy Healer Rackie.  To schedule a private healing click HERE.

Q. Any other questions?

A.  Email your questions or concerns to energyhealerrackie@gmail.com or call me at 305-778-6891.

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